Flex Sport Universal Earbud Strap

BudStraps Flex Sport is great for runners, cyclists, gym-rats or treadmill junkies who want to use their earbuds but keep them safely out of their way.
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Quotes from Our Amazon Reviews
"Works great while I punch bags, lift weights, run and jump. Perfect!"
"I wear them everyday around the house on walks"
"Best thing ever if you wear earbuds a lot! I ride a motorcycle and always have earbuds in."
"Kept my headphones form bouncing all over the place and falling out of my ear"
"SIMPLEST concept imaginable, but thank god somebody made the effort to design and produce it"
"You don't notice it after a while"
"I always forgot where I put my earbuds, so this strap is a blessing for me"
"5.0 out of 5 stars, Yeah! A wired earbud solution that works"
"If you work with your hands a lot this would be the item for you."
"I take mine in and out a lot during the day and I don't want to unplug"
"Recommended for sure if you jog or hike a lot."
"Wires are no longer a problem"
The Flex Sport strap is made of a super light mesh sweat-wicking material that basically feels like nothing on your neck. It's great for keeping your earbuds strapped to you on a long run or ride, and it looks pretty dope.
BudStraps let you pay less attention to your earbuds both when you're using them(no more fumbling for fallen earbuds) and when you're not (they hang around your neck waiting for you).
We recommend getting a pair of Flex Sport BudStraps for your workouts and a pair of soft Free Flow BudStraps for casual walks and daily activities where you won't be sweating.
Experts Agree that BudStraps Keep Earbuds Conveniently Hanging On
Just 6 days into its 30-day fundraising campaign, BudStraps--a startup tech accesory company-hs already met its goal of $10k. The campaign, hosted on crowd-funding site KickStarter.com (www.budstraps.com/Kickstarter), has 309 backers.
BudStraps - Earbud Workout Straps
BudStraps keep your earbuds around your neck (and not the floor) during your workout. Simple design, easy to use and multiple color options make this a winner. Also, this neoprene strp solves the problem of what to do with the extra earbud for one-ear runners.
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