5 Ingenious Gadgets to make your Workout Supremely Rewarding (All Under $20!)

These 5 little gizmos will make your workouts more effortless, rewarding and measurable.

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Standard Lacrosse Ball


Rolling on this little ball will help break down post-workout knots in your shoulders, back, glutes and hips. Be gentle and use a towel or blanket over the ball. It’s a great inexpensive way to help muscle recovery. Here's How: 

Sweat-Wicking Wide Fitness Headband



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Get the hair and sweat out of your eyes! Workout headbands are more absorbent and more stylish than ever. We liked the styles at BuffUsa because they use coolmax sweat-wicking technology and feature modern designs.    

BudStraps - Earbud Workout Straps


BudStraps keep your earbuds around your neck (and not the floor) during your workout. Simple design, easy to use and multiple color options make this a winner. Also, this neoprene strap solves the problem of what to do with the extra earbud for one-ear runners. We liked that BudStraps eliminated the need to stuff cords under shirts, avoids tucking earbuds in bras, and generally just makes working out with earbuds safer and more comfortable. Here's how it works: 

Instant Heart Rate App

(Free - iPhone and Android)

Use this handy app on the go or when the Heart Rate gauge on your elliptical is broken. Make sure you know whether you’re reaching peak performance or just hovering south of fat-burning range.  It uses your phone’s camera without any additional hardware - brilliant!  

 Milestone Pod - Integrated Pedometer

($15.95 - after taking their 5-minute survey)


The pod tracks your cadence, pacing and overall mileage on your run. Tie your shoelaces through this little device (which syncs to your phone). Each day you’ll have a detailed log of your daily run/walk/sit progress.