December 01, 2014


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Experts Agree that BudStraps Keep Earbuds Conveniently Hanging On

 Just 6 days into its 30-day fundraising campaign, BudStraps--a startup tech accessory company—has already met its goal of $10k.  The campaign, hosted on crowd-funding site (, has 309 backers.



BudStraps, the innovative new way to keep earbuds in place, promises to put an end to Dangling Earbuds, a nuisance felt by athletes, parents, office workers, drivers, travelers and music-loving teens.  And the experts seem to believe and endorse their claim that BudStraps actually work.


Rachel Rothman, who controls product testing and personally decides who gets the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, gave her thumbs up via Twitter, suggesting BudStraps as "an alternative to tangling headphones." 


CW TV affiliate WCCB reviewed BudStraps on its morning show, saying that it works "…like croakies except for your earbuds,"  “it's comfortable", and "if they fall out, they're just right there [around your neck]”.


Even ABC TV star Josh Malina (Scandal, West Wing) tweeted to his 150k fans on Monday that “These things work great” after personally testing BudStraps.


And that’s not all! Even Cycling’s top blog for new product reviews,, wrote a flattering review of BudStraps, and on Tuesday, November 25th, NBC’s Universal Sports will be giving 50 beanies to promote the campaign. They will be given to anyone who contributes more than $50 to BudStraps on Tuesday. 


 The BudStraps campaign still has 23 days to go, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite meeting its funding goals.  Co-founder Jared Green and inventor Bill Woodward are beside themselves.  Says Green, “This is wonderful, now we have the encouragement from the market to actually manufacture BudStraps.” and while “$10k may cover our injection molding costs, it won’t cover everything, so we’ll still need to invest some of our money to see this through." but "hopefully additional funds will come through in the next few weeks.”


About the founders:

Bill Woodword, the inventor of BudStraps, is an ESL teacher in New York and has a background in set and model design, building and engineering.  He even worked on the set of the 2nd Season set of PeeWee’s Playhouse. 


Jared Green has served as a mentor for the Dallas’s Tech Stars startup incubator, and he is an active angel investor. He is a business strategist and former Cap Gemini and Ernst & Young Alum.  He is a graduate of Duke University's Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy and has an MBA from Emory University. He has served on the Regional Board of the Anti-Defamation League and now sits on the JFNA National Cabinet of Young Leaders. Mr. Green is a North Carolina native. He now lives in New York City, and he is neighbors with Bill Woodward.


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